Styroform Products

We have been dealing with the production and distribution of dry ice for more than a decade. In addition to the purest raw materials, the latest production equipment and a timely delivery, the storage of dry ice during transport and at the customer is one of the basic elements for a perfect dry ice supply.

The dry ice temperature of -78.6° C requires the best insulating properties of the storage containers in order to obtain the quality and quantity of the freshly produced dry ice as far as possible. There are further additional requirements regarding safety, hygiene, handling, processing and logistics.

  • Lightweight, high quality material
  • Temperature assurance packaging
  • Adapted to the most sensitive products

Boxes make an excellent packing for ice and provide reliable protection for all types of ice that require protection from extreme temperatures. These Boxes are made in a variety of shapes and sizes to take your items where they need to go, fresh, in one piece, and at a reasonable cost.

Styrofoam Box 62x42x32 cm - 25 Kg

Styrofoam Box 50x40x20 cm - 10 Kg

Styrofoam Box48x31x16 cm - 6 Kg

Styrofoam Box 30x23x16 cm - 3 Kg

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