Cube Ice

Ice cubes are a small, roughly cube-shaped piece of ice, conventionally used to cool beverages. ... This is due to the machine forming the cubes in thin layers, instead of all the water that the ice cube consists of being frozen at once. Cloudy ice cubes result when water is frozen quickly.

We make all our ice products with clean mineral drinking water. All our ice products are as clear as glass and safe for consumption.

Cloudy ice cubes occur when water is frozen quickly, or when the water is high in dissolved solids. When water is cooled to its freezing point, and ice starts to form, dissolved gases can no longer stay in solution and come out as microscopic bubbles. However, as ice floats in water, once there is enough ice to form a layer on the surface, the ice layer traps all bubbles within the ice cube. we use a flowing source of purified water to make ice with cooling elements at the bottom, allowing the bubbles to be washed away from the top as the cube grows. We also eliminate all the bubbles in the ice to make it look transparent and not cloudy.

we’ve thought a lot about it, so you don’t have to think about anything more than what size bag you’ll need. We’ve thought a lot about how to purify the water, how to make the cubes long lasting, what the perfect shape should be and how many pounds you’ll need to fill your picnic cooler. We’ve taken those thoughts and put them into action to bring you the best packaged ice available. No matter if you are cooling cocktails or preserving perishables, all you have to think is “Dubai Ice” for the right size bag of high quality ice to suit your specific needs.

Serving Cube Ice

Serving Ice Tubes

Moon Balls (round cubes)

Fruit & Herbs Embeded Ice

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